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Feedback from: Simon Dobson

Date: 17/072020

Merche was an excellent teacher for me, she quickly assessed my current level and identified the areas where I needed to improve. The lessons were fun and topical, we didn't just talk about the typical subjects you learn when starting a new language, but about current news and other things that would resemble a real life conversation in Spanish. I highly recommend her for your Spanish needs.

Feedback from: Trevor Suarez

Date: 04/09/2019

Merche taught me for 4 years and my Spanish is greatly improved. I was always amazed as to how prepared she was for each lesson and made notes each time. Her conscientious nature was a real bonus. I can honestly say you would be hard pressed to find a better teacher and I’d still be there now save for having to move away.

Feedback from: Sophia Erkizia

Date: 28/08/2019

Merche has been a wonderful teacher, very supportive and caring. By giving me extra work to do at home specifically designed to help me improve certain areas I have weaknesses in, I was able to strengthen my core understanding of the subject modules. Merche helped me achieve an A* in Spanish GCSE as well as a grade A in A-levels. She also makes learning more entertaining, relatable as well as easy to understand by positioning subject areas to current affairs which gives students a wider understanding of the world around us (with real life examples) thereby going beyond the subject specification.

Feedback from: Amit Bakshi

Date: 07/11/2018

Over the course of 4 years, Merche took me through a Spanish journey starting up from the basics, all the way through to complex grammar and conversation. Lessons were always fun, ranging from informal chats (about just about anything..) to detailed technical guidance on all aspects of language learning. Throughout all of these lessons - I always found Merche very patient, and genuinely encouraging and enthusiastic about the learning process. A great teacher, and a super nice person too - highly recommended!

Feedback from: Lasse Vibe

Date: 22/02/2018

I've had weekly lessons with Merche for 4 months and I've not only improved my Spanish but also enjoyed the lessons and I can warmly recommend Merche, her teaching and her service to anyone at any level.

Feedback from: Adam Blackburn

Date: 12/05/2017

Merche was very helpful in preparing Jamie for his A level Spanish oral exams, targeting specific topics in depth. Highly recommended.

Feedback from: Leo Feilden

Date: 09/12/2016

Merche helped me take my spanish from a medium to advanced level, and now I have a job in Spain, so it was clearly successful. A good mix of grammar and conversation. I now feel like I have the grammatical understanding to say exactly what I want rather than saying it approximately and hoping people will get it. Merche is also a lovely person and it is therefore easy to learn from her.

Feedback from: Lucy Crowther

Date: 16/12/2015

I began working with Merche a year ago, as I had a 3-month trip planned earlier this year to South America so I was keen to learn Spanish before I set off. We did grammar and conversational work, especially phrases and questions that would help me for my trip. What I learnt really helped me when I was away and I was therefore able to take Spanish lessons out in South America which increased my understanding and knowledge. Merche is a wonderful teacher, a lovely person and I love her style of teaching, especially because she is so patient. I recommended Merche to my neighbours who also love her. I would highly recommend Merche!

Feedback from: Gill Mills

Date: 13/04/2015

I have been going to Merche for about 9 months now and I love our classes. I had previously done a lot of grammar based work and wanted to concentrate more on the conversation side of learning. Merche is VERY patient and encouraging and makes the classes interesting and fun by choosing different topics to discuss, which I get the opportunity to research beforehand. My confidence in speaking has grown enormously, my fluency is constantly improving and we are tackling the subjunctive, in all it's forms, in manageable chunks each week! I would not hesitate to recommend Merche as a teacher for all levels and all ages.

Feedback from: Jenny Culverwell 

Date: 02/04/2014

I am a University graduate and I am currently studying BA Spanish and I am in the final year of my course. I contacted Merche last summer for help with an oral presentation exam which I was required to complete as part of my degree.  Merche kindly allowed me to have extra hours with her due to the limited amount of time I had to complete the assignment.  Merche went above and beyond any expectation I possessed before receiving the tutoring and I was awarded one of the highest marks (a first) in our total year group as a result of her help.  My spanish is advanced and Merche really helped me to improve my pronounciation,grammar and the content of my presentation.  Consequently, I improved very quickly over the short period of time I had tutoring sessions with Merche.  This year I have again come to Merche for help as her guidance and advice was truly outstanding and has helped to improve my spanish enormously. I would highly recommend Merche as a Spanish tutor and have given her service a 5 star rating. She really is an excellent tutor and made the sessions I had with her last summer thoroughly enjoyable and interesting. Jenny Culverwell

Feedback from: Marko Arezina

Date: 10/03/2013
I was at an intermediate Spanish speaking level when I began my classes with Merche, and had tried several tutors prior to meeting Merche, and I can honestly say that non of my past teachers have even come close. Merche`s classes are always extremely well planned and tailored exactly to your own level, ensuring every session with her is productive and beneficial to your learning. I have met few people with the patience that Merche shows in our classes. I must also mention how clearly she speaks Spanish, ensuring I am able to understand everything she says. Most of all her attention to detail is what impresses me the most, correcting my mistakes, and most importantly ensuring that I learn from them . Marko 27 west London.


Feedback from:  Isobel Wood

Date: 10/03/2013

Merche came to our house to teach my two daughters (7&5) Spanish prior to their starting a school which has a special interest in Cross curriculum Spanish out of London. She is immensely patient, good fun, light hearted and the girls loved her. After just 10 lessons they knew their numbers, alphabet and colors, as well as. " hello my name is:" and " how are you" plus reply. I am delighted with their progress, and was amazed by Merche's patient manner with two Friday night tired school girls! Good luck Merche ! We 're sad to say Adios!

Feedback from: Danielle Peterson

Date: 26/02/2013

My 5 and 7 year old daughters regularly have Merche come to our home and tutor them in Spanish. She does a wonderful job of making these sessions engaging by using a variety of activities (stories, songs, and worksheets) and trying to use their day-to-day experiences. She also accommodates their differing levels by challenging the older one to use more complete and advanced language skills. I would recommend Merche to anyone wanting additional assistance in the Spanish language as she is highly organized, personable, and makes learning the language fun. 

Feedback from: Nathan Jennings

Date: 24/09/2012

I was studying Spanish in Uni and I needed certain grades to complete my degree, I was taking intermediate level exams. So I asked Merche to tutor me. I found her amazingly helpful and made real improvement in a short period of time. Merche is very sociable, interested and committed to seeing improvement in her pupils. I know I would not have made the grades without Merche's help so I owe her a massive thank you.

Feedback from: Hannah Smith

Date: 28/06/2012

I took up classes with Merche for my A2 level spanish exams, in order to make sure i achieved my university target grades. I enjoyed the lessons, during which i was able to improve my fluency, during conversation throughout classes. She was also very helpful in finding extra material for specific areas of grammar and topics i wanted to focus on, effectively strengthening my weaknesses. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their Spanish.


Feedback from: Owen Carey-Evans

Date: 30/05/2012

I have just taken my Spanish GCSE and have been working towards the exams with Merche for a few months. She helped me prepare the oral and revise for the written papers. Merche is always very encouraging and positive and I enjoyed the lessons and became more confident which I am sure improved my grades. I am hoping to continue working with Merche on my A Level course.

Feedback from: Szymon Borak

Date: 31/03/2012

Merche was my first Spanish teacher and I must say I have learned a lot. I started as a total beginner and after just 6 months of regular classes I gained a confidence level of communicating more complex topics. It was my wish to avoid spending time on grammar and focus on communication skills but she could always point out the relevant structure in a way that I found very interesting. The lessons were always fun and effective. Highly recommended tutor.

Feedback from: Michael Counihan

Date: 30/03/2012


I am an adult learner and I met with Merche for several months. I speak Spanish at a fairly advanced level, and in our meetings I mostly wanted to focus on keeping up my conversation skills while reviewing grammar. I can honestly say that Merche is an excellent tutor and also a very warm and friendly person. She has a great disposition for teaching Spanish spending time with her was always comfortable and fun. She was also very helpful with correcting my errors and improving my grammar and vocabulary.

Before finding Merche, I tried many different tutors, some of whom were better than others, but once I began my first meeting with Merche I knew my search was over! She was clearly the best.

One last thing worth mentioning is that outside of tutoring, Merche is a full time Spanish teacher with children. Given how good she was with me, I am confident she has the ability and disposition to teach at all ages and levels. I highly recommend her!